Dendritic calcium currents in thalamic relay cells.
Mike Neubig, Ulrich, John Huguenard and Alain Destexhe

In: Computational Neuroscience. Trends in Research (edited by J. Bower), Plenum Press, New York, pp. 233-238, 1998.

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Techniques of in vitro whole-cell recording and compartmental modeling were combined to investigate dendritic structure and calcium currents in individual thalamocortical neurons. Voltage-clamp recordings of I_T obtained in intact and dissociated ventrobasal neurons were used to constrain I_T conductances and passive parameters incorporated in morphorealistic models. High dendritic I_T densities were found necessary to establish congruent model behavior. Several methodologies based on axial resistance conservation were developed to algorithmically reduce thalamocortical morphology into a behaviorally congruent low-order compartmental model. This type of simplified model is suitable for investigating the functional role played by distal T-current localization at the network level in sleep oscillations and epilepsy.

See also the original article: Destexhe A, Neubig M, Ulrich D and Huguenard JR. Dendritic low-threshold calcium currents in thalamic relay cells. J. Neurosci. 18: 3574-3588, 1998