Deterministic chaos in a model of the thalamo-cortical system.
Alain Destexhe and Agnessa Babloyantz

In: Self-Organization, Emerging Properties and Learning, Edited by Babloyantz, A. NATO ASI Series, Plenum Press, Vol. B260, 1991, pp. 127-150.

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We introduce here a simple model of the cortical tissue subject to periodic inputs which mimic thalamic activity. It is shown that in the absence of input, the dynamics of the system is turbulent and desynchronized. The onset of the pacemaker input organizes the system into a more coherent spatiotemporal behavior. The spatial coherence is characterized with the spatial autocorrelation function. Reminiscent of EEG activity, the average potential is monitored in time. The temporal coherence of this mean activity is assessed with the help of techniques from nonlinear time series analysis. The model shows deterministic chaos with dimension-frequency relationships similar to the human EEG.