A combined computational and intracellular study of correlated synaptic bombardment in neocortical pyramidal neurons in vivo.
Alain Destexhe and Denis Paré

Neurocomputing 32-33: 113-119, 2000.

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Computational models and intracellular recordings were combined to characterize synaptic bombardment in neocortical pyramidal neurons during active states in vivo. Application of tetrodotoxin revealed that synaptic activity accounts for up to 80% of the input conductance. These experiments were replicated assuming that excitatory and inhibitory synapses release randomly at high rates (1-5 Hz). A significant correlation between synaptic events had to be introduced to account for the membrane potential fluctuations recorded experimentally. We conclude that pyramidal neurons in vivo experience high-frequency synaptic events with a significant correlation. The consequences of this synaptic bombardment on cellular responsiveness are investigated in the companion paper.

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