The Human Brain Project – synergy between neuroscience, computing, informatics and brain inspired technologies.
Katrin Amunts, Alois Knoll, Thomas Lippert, Cyriel Pennartz, Philippe Ryvlin, Alain Destexhe, Viktor Jirsa, Egidio D’Angelo and Jan G. Bjaalie

PLOS Biology 17: e3000344, 2019.

Copy of the full paper (PDF)
The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a European flagship project with a 10-year horizon aiming to understand the human brain and to translate neuroscience knowledge into medicine and technology. To achieve such aims, the HBP explores the multilevel complexity of the brain in space and time; transfers the acquired knowledge to brain-derived applications in health, computing, and technology; and provides shared and open computing tools and data through the HBP European brain research infrastructure. We discuss how the HBP creates a transdisciplinary community of researchers united by the quest to understand the brain, with fascinating perspectives on societal benefits.