A Model of the Inward Current Ih and its Possible Role in Thalamocortical Oscillations.
Alain Destexhe and Agnessa Babloyantz

NeuroReport 4: 223-226, 1993.

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We investigated the kinetic properties of the hyperpolarization-activated inward current (Ih) of thalamocortical (TC) neurons. Recently, it was shown that this current is characterized by different time constants of activation and inactivation, which was in apparent conflict with the single-exponential time course of the current. We introduce here a model of Ih based on the cooperation of a slow and a fast activation variable and show that this kinetic scheme accounts for these apparently conflicting experimental data. We also report that following the combination of such a current with other currents seen in TC cells, one observes several types of oscillating behavior, similar to the slow oscillations and the spindle-like oscillations seen in vitro.