Intracellular recording.
Romain Brette and Alain Destexhe

In: Handbook of Neural Activity Measurement, Edited by Brette R and Destexhe A, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 44-91, 2012.

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Intracellular electrophysiology is one the first method designed for measuring neural activity. In this chapter, we review the various techniques that are used to record the membrane potential (current clamp), currents (voltage clamp) and conductances (more specifically, synaptic conductances). The techniques are presented from a modelling point of view, which emphasizes the limitations and artifacts that apply to each technique. Models can be used to improve the precision of experimental measurements, as shown by the Active Electrode Compensation (AEC) technique. The models are illustrated by numerical simulations that reproduce the response of the cell, the electrode and the amplifier.